Tuesday, May 14, 2013

God Dwells

Here's the link to the audio file of tonight's For the Good of the Order (FGO). I trimmed the dross from the beginning and end with the WavePad Sound Editor I mentioned in this post.

It may be useful to compare it to the written text here at my catechism class blog.

I posted the article on April 23 in anticipation of using parts of it in my Catechism class the next day. The FGO audio was recorded today, May 14, with the hindsight of having used bits of the article in class. You'll notice that the audio generally follows the article, but it was delivered with notes: I believe a spoken delivery always beats reading from a text, even if some stuff gets left out. Besides, FGO always comes at the end of a meeting; the last thing adults want is to be read to for five minutes when they are antsy to go home.

BTW, my ideal time limit is, you guessed it, five minutes. This FGO ran to six....will aim to do better next month.

Y'all don't forget, if you send me an audio file of your FGO, I'll post it. Like JP2 said: Be Not Afraid!

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